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CrossClimate 2® - MICHELIN® Tires

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CrossClimate 2

Features and Benefits

Safety Made to Last

Choose peace of mind on rainy days. A directional tread pattern evacuates water from the contact patch, giving optimum wet traction. On wet pavement when worn, four leading competitive tires were still traveling at more than 24 mph where the MICHELIN® CrossClimate®2 tire had already stopped.(1) Under the same conditions, it also stops up to 56 feet shorter than four leading competitive tires[2].

Tread Life You Expect

The MICHELIN® CrossClimate®2 tire provides up to one year of additional treadlife compared to four leading competitive tire (2) V-formation tread design distributes forces evenly throughout the contact patch for smooth and even wear, while 3-D SipeLock technology improves treadwear resistance. PIANO Noise Reduction Tuning minimizes noise levels and ensures a quiet ride.

The Smart Choice For All Climates

The long-lasting MICHELIN® CrossClimate®2 tire stopped up to 16 feet shorter than four leading competitive tires on dry pavement.(3) The V-formation tread design angles the blocks for maximum grip, while V-Ramps on the tread block edges optimize road contact for outstanding dry braking.

Performance in Every Season

When worn near the end of treadlife, the MICHELIN® CrossClimate®2 tire outperformed four leading competitive tires by 28% to 31% for snow traction.(4) The V-formation tread design bites into snow for greater traction, while 3-D SipeLock technology maintains stability. Don't let winter stop your drive.

Select a tire size to view more details:

Size MSPN Price Each  
205/55R16 35861 $197.19 More Info
205/55R16 23152 $205.99 More Info
205/60VR16 61910 $198.52 More Info
205/65R16 76709 $174.25 More Info
215/45R17 17814 $242.65 More Info
215/45R17 30796 $235.32 More Info
215/50R17 32419 $234.65 More Info
215/50R17 17193 $244.65 More Info
215/50R18 74612 $290.65 More Info
215/55R17 46271 $233.32 More Info
225/45R17 92119 $226.65 More Info
225/50R17 69757 $233.32 More Info
225/50R18 29568 $277.99 More Info
235/45R18 16172 $285.32 More Info
235/45R19 16620 $285.32 More Info
235/50R17 81448 $229.99 More Info
235/50R18 28997 $293.32 More Info
235/55R18 19460 $291.99 More Info
235/55R18 23227 $294.65 More Info
235/60R17 21800 $249.32 More Info
235/65R17 74077 $261.32 More Info
235/65R18 17389 $232.65 More Info
245/40R20XL 05710 $328.65 More Info
245/45R17XL 33703 $290.65 More Info
245/45R18 31804 $324.65 More Info
245/55R18 09926 $284.65 More Info
245/55R19 16090 $295.99 More Info
255/35R18 04559 $337.32 More Info
255/40R19 36073 $343.99 More Info
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